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October 12222:

Instead, take time for rest and relaxation. Review your goals and revise them if need be. Sun conjunct Mercury You are especially sharp, communicative, and open at this time, as your wants are aligned with your thoughts. For the most part, you are on the ball. Circumstances are such that you need to adapt, adjust, communicate, or travel.

Transportation and movement, in general, are issues now. You tend to say what you think now. Keep in mind that what you say or write now has impact, for better or for worse! As well, others could find you self-absorbed for the time being. It would be wise to take the time to listen to what others have to say. Sun sextile Mercury During this transit, you find it easier than usual to rationalize your own behavior and that of others.

Dealing with details may be necessary now, but also quite easy to do. Intellectually, you are sharp and generally on the ball. Your opinions and thought processes are generally well-received and appreciated now. You may have a hard time concentrating on any one subject. Either you are easily distracted or a whole slew of information and demands are thrown upon you at once. Nervous tension is a potential by-product. It may be challenging to get in touch with what you truly want to do as you tend to live in your brain rather than your heart for the time being.

Sun trine Mercury You can translate your thoughts into actions readily now—decisiveness helps you to say what you think and think what you say. Improving your skills also comes naturally and easily. Taking tests, making plans, presenting your work or ideas, and communications of all kinds are favored.

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Others tend to value your opinions and ideas under the influence of this transit. Sun opposition Mercury This could be a time of nervous tension due to overactive or upset schedules. As well, you could feel slighted as a result of others misunderstanding what you communicate or get offended over a difference of opinion. You may experience anxiety or worry over mundane affairs.

New ideas or projects initiated now may not come to fruition. A change of mind down the road is likely. Take care in your personal and professional communications—you can too easily misrepresent yourself with what you say or write now. Sun conjunct Venus This transit stimulates your love nature. This is a good day for expressing yourself creatively through relationships or other pursuits.

You want to be the center of attention right now, and you are feeling more vulnerable to how others receive you, so you may pay special attention to your charm and appearance or mannerisms. You might make some social contacts that benefit your career or life direction. Women could figure prominently in your life during this period, and relationships with females are generally smooth and pleasing. Watch out for over-spending, as you may feel a greater than average need to please or pamper yourself.

As long as it is done in moderation, enjoy this focus on yourself and your wants! Sun sextile Venus Some social networking is likely to occur now. Pleasurable activities are emphasized, and relationships with others tend to be gratifying and agreeable. Although there are better transits for personal magnetism than this one, you do tend to easily attract positive attention and circumstances now.

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Financial matters are generally favored. Do your best to control yearnings for more than what you have, and search for a creative solution for your inner dissatisfaction. Disagreements that may crop up now tend to be about differences in principles or matters of personal style. Sun trine Venus This is a pleasing influence for harmonious contact with others and for prosperity in general. Expressing yourself creatively through relationships or other pleasurable pursuits is favored now.

Your personal charm is natural and well-received now, making this a good time to be amongst people. Sun opposition Venus Ego reactions to feeling underappreciated are quite possible now. This is not the best time for ego stroking on social and romantic levels.

You may not appreciate how others are handling your just now. In fact, lonely or frustrated feelings that might arise now are likely a reflection of your own inner discontent. Getting in touch with what is making you feel down could help you to solve problems now. This is not the best time to ask for what you want. Sun conjunct Mars This is one of your most courageous and animated periods of the year. This transit rids you of inhibitions, at least for the time being. This is a time of much enthusiasm. Acting on things you have only entertained on a mental level is probable.

With the Sun placing its spotlight on Mars—the planet that rules anger, assertion, sexuality, and competitiveness—you can learn much about your desire nature and how you handle anger. Use the blast of energy constructively by tackling projects that require a lot of drive and physical stamina. Even things like heavy housework, gardening, or a trip to the gym will do you well. Sun sextile Mars You are able to creatively solve problems and to instinctively take action when necessary under the influence of this transit. Stress is eased as you feel confident about your abilities and your judgment.

You are more able to assert yourself without rubbing people the wrong way just now.

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You might find that you stand up for yourself or your principles. You are progress-oriented, and your more passionate nature comes to the fore. This is a period in which you are living spiritedly, indulging your desires without going overboard, and acting spontaneously. You are bound to feel energetically supported by the circumstances of your life and by the people around you now. You could find yourself driven by a restless desire to do something; but without a well-defined goal, you tend towards impulsive actions and get yourself into needless arguments.

Circumstances spur you into action.

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Your more passionate nature comes to the fore. You could be a little too eager to impress others with an aggressive or inappropriate stance, or you may find yourself competing with others in unhealthy ways. You can easily rub people the wrong way and instigate conflicts. As long as you channel this excess energy constructively, instead of wasting your time arguing, you can accomplish much. If this transit plays out as bursts of anger and frustration, instead of decisive action, then you know you are not handling your desire nature efficiently and you should make necessary changes.

Sun trine Mars You are living life with spirit just now, and your energy and vitality are strong. In fact, your enthusiasm is well-received. You are drawn to physical activity, and if you are involved in a competitive event, you are more likely than usual to come out a winner. Effective decision-making is possible now. This transit whets your sexual appetite, increases spontaneity and courage, and helps you to let go of some of your inhibitions. Sun opposition Mars Careless or impulsive behavior can be a problem under this transit.

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