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Aleister Crowley’s Contribution to Popular Astrology

Saturn has attained Sasa yoga, a formidable placement for lordship over others. The combination in the 7th house gives a cruel and wicked disposition; a tendency towards hedonism and violence. The Ruchaka Yoga formed by Mars is giving a daring and courageous nature. These planets contributed to Crowley's love for mountain climbing.

Crowley was considered a somewhat shocking figure, having Uranus in his ascendant and Rahu with his Ascendant lord. Sasa yoga in this case is acting out in a particularly harsher and ruthless manner because of Mars influence and the disposition of the Moon. Although the Moon occupies water sign Pisces in the highest dharma house and is in Cancer navamsa, it is conjunct Rahu and Gulika, a combination which distorts the conventional view of religion, making one rebellious and antagonistic.

Rahu is occupying Scorpio in trine in navamsa and Mars is exalted indicating a highly talented mystic, a shadowy character with a determined will.

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With a history of black magic and taboo exploits one would expect a nakshatra like Purva bhadrapada to have some prominence and the Moon was placed in this constellation. According to Prash Trivedi's book, "The 27 Celestial Portals", the Cancer pada of this nakshatra has potential to become the most diabolical.

Purvabhadrapada is ruled by benefic Jupiter which is placed in the 4th house with Venus in Venus's sign and conjunct another natural benefic Mercury. This gave him great devotion for spiritual and religious matters and expanded his knowledge and awareness on occult planes, the 4th house being a strong moksha house occupied by two moksha lords.

Crowley benefited greatly from the use of mantras with these combination of planets. Jupiter, the guru of the gods, has surrendered to Venus the guru of the asuras as it is in Venus's sign.

Crowley, Aleister

Crowley had great reverence for the divine feminine. Venus forming malavya yoga gives a romantic idealistic nature and much personal charm. At the other extreme, you are a mystically minded dreamer who dismisses reason as a way of explaining everything. As a child you probably had a bold line in tall stories - and you are still inclined to bend the truth somewhat if you feel in a tight spot or if you are just bored with reality. If adults received your tall stories in the right spirit, then you'll now feel happy - with a mind that can fruitfully follow the flight of your imagination - but when such mental sensitivity as you have is denied, you can be vague or convoluted to the point of not making yourself clear when speaking - even though you might think you are.

At the very least you have a knack for getting to the root of a matter.

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Taken further, you are able to reach a deep understanding of the actual workings of the Nature of Life itself. But the very profundity of your thinking means that all mind games and mental conceit have to go. If not, you are doomed to a life of intellectual conflict and mental paranoia. Furthermore, it is vitally important that you fill your profound mind with equally profound material, or else you would become like a big gun that only shoots peas.

The inherent weakness of your aesthetic awareness is that you are very easily attracted to good-looking surface appearances - especially in a sexual, glamorous or romantic context. This is a bittersweet situation for you because your undeniable charm or artistry has no trouble attracting popularity, pleasure and even wealth, but you can become a slave to your vanity and appetites.

Nonetheless, you are still a social or creative asset - and you certainly know what pleases.

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Your career itself should involve art, beauty, or social skills of some kind. Your personal appeal can have a lot to do with the success or style of your career. Your mother could have a certain amount to do with how attractive you feel towards the world generally. For example, if she was jealous of your talents or looks she might downgrade your worth and self- esteem; alternatively, her own sense of what appeals could help further your career. The key to finding your professional niche is that you should simply or even sensuously enjoy what you do for a living.

In other words, the degree to which you are in touch with your own pleasure principle has everything to do with your amounting to something in the world. You can heal or change someone's life for the better with it. You could also flood them with your own idea of what love is - with both your positive and negative qualities coming back at you with interest!

This means that you yourself set up the love stakes, the conditions and expectations in a relationship so a great deal of responsibility lies with you; your awareness of your emotional needs and urges can make or break a love match. Art, as well as love, is central to your existence.

Your feelings of tenderness never seem to have anger very far away from them.

What you have to do first is appreciate that love and desire, soft feelings and hard ones, are all mixed up inside of you. Curiously, and owing to our society's current confusion over these matters, this conflict within you makes you both exciting and difficult. By the same token, it falls to you to make a greater than average attempt to show your feelings equally of care and desire, of love and sex. This is because, whatever else might be said about you, you do have an in-built awareness of love and fair play, which in time, cannot but help come up with the goods. The goods in this case being a rewarding and stable love life or a satisfying means of artistic expression.

This does mean that you are very idealistic in your love life or where your creations are concerned. Seeking the exquisite and exotic can mean many a disillusionment as loved ones fall from grace and show themselves to be the mere mortals that they are. Be that as it may, your refined senses serve as an inspiration to others. That you follow, or possibly excel in, some form of artistic or spiritual expression is very likely - or very important, because such is a more suitable means of giving form to your vision of a better world than being merely a hopeless romantic.

In any event, love the one you're with - with all your heart and soul. Without some kind of structure or timetable you get very little done thoroughly. On the other hand though, you can also stick too much to your formula and become limited by it. Once you've embarked upon your plan however, very little can stop you reaching your target. You're also quite businesslike in your sexual attitude and approach - and don't like wasting your energy backing or chasing losers. You like earthy no-nonsense types because they turn you on and keep you turned on.

Eventually you'll learn to be in good control of your sexuality, but should avoid suppressing it - which isn't the same thing. You put yourself forward quite spontaneously, or you feel pushed forward even though you'd rather not be.


This natural assertiveness can be negatively or unconsciously expressed in accidents to your head or face, leaving scars. It could be said that your very identity is what you are fighting for and this could have been apparent at birth, with you bursting out as it were. In any event though, you do have undeniable body energy, which needs directing into some physically competitive activity, sport or martial discipline such as karate.

If you are not quite so aggressive, but are more pent-up, Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga or the like would be more suitable.

In short, you just have to assert yourself; it's finding the right method, measure and motive that are the crucial issues. You keep pushing on, no matter what. Consequently, you are eventually able to win over people to your cause- but you will unavoidably fall out with others in the process. This support, plus the ability to make considerable headway in life, is also due to the fact that you have the courage of your convictions. Sooner or later, without their co-operation, your satisfaction will feel rather one-sided and not really satisfying at all.

On the other hand, if you fail to assert your own wishes enough, you will only have yourself to blame if you feel that your better nature is being taken advantage of. This means that whenever you are pushing for the wrong thing, or for the wrong reason, your energies become either depleted or ineffective. Ultimately, your body is only willing if your spirit is. When or wherever it is so, you are very charismatic and can heal others or draw them towards higher and better things. Creative or selfless pursuits can stimulate you when all else fails to do so.

But this mixture of sexuality and mysteriousness, which pervades your personality, can lead you and others up many a confusing - yet tempting - garden path before you understand what is and what is not desirable. You have a sensitive body, so subtle exercises like yoga, Tai Chi and water sports, are more beneficial to your well being than harsher exercises. For similar reasons, you can react badly to drugs or alcohol. This means to say that you have enormous supplies and reserves of energy. Activities such as sexual or sporting ones, or anything that requires an unremitting drive, are what you are well equipped for.

Because of its very nature, you're likely to take this energy for granted but when you focus upon where it's actually coming from, the energy would be even more forthcoming.

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At an evolved level, such energy has the power to heal. Whether you know it or not, your philosophy is of the 'no gain without pain' variety - and that can apply to both your material and emotional life. To be more precise though, it's more a case of 'no gain without loss - of what or who you no longer need'.

The desire that springs from this philosophy is powerful because it makes you hunger after the deep, dark and mysterious - and eventually you find it. On the other hand, you're the one who is deep, dark and mysterious - and someone will find you out! In the long run, you do not suffer superficial displays from other people - or from yourself either.

The dark side of your nature is where the gold, your faith, lies buried and you'll go through hell and high water to knock off the soppy or wobbly bits that inhibit or compromise the discovery of that 'gold'. Having a prominent and affluent professional position - or being involved with something or someone prestigious - is more or less inevitable. It is also quite possible that you could put too much store by your public or professional position and neglect your inner or home life.

Generally speaking you have an enthusiasm for publicity, fame and fortune, but sooner or later you'd need to develop honesty and integrity in performing your duties - or disgrace could result and then you'd heartily denigrate success. Your mother's influence was or still is great concerning this inclination to excel and cut a dash in the outside world. This guides you more than you know in all your moral deliberations.

When you truly feel it, you believe it. In other words - you are blessed with being able to trust your positive feelings. Occasionally, maybe even frequently, you suffer from 'brain-jams' when you cannot find an avenue of thought wide enough to convey your ideas. But it isn't long before your ongoing verbal interaction with others, or one of the many books you read, or simply your ever- philosophical mind, comes up with the concept or the analogy that you require to make your point or to make sense out of your life.

Indeed, your capacity to give the benefit of the doubt - which is born of the Utopian ideal that everyone is kind and beautiful deep down - is a major attribute of yours. But to avoid being dangerously gullible, ponder on the fact that everything is as good, beautiful and laid-back as it is - not as you fancy it to be. In order to do this you have to establish a set of rules that allows you to break the rules that were laid down for you initially. If this sounds like a recipe for hypocrisy then you're right, it is - and you could lose or never gain many friends as a reaction to your double standards.

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If, on the other hand, you take the trouble to devise a set of moral, political or psychological principles - and stick to them - then your impartial view of life can be of enormous help to anyone who feels caught between two camps. In order that you begin to meet this objective, you will attract relationships and situations that force you to come clean with the stark truth of the matter. In the process though, beware of merely being offhand about your shortcomings, because that would put you back to square one. Consequently, it is very likely that you either have trouble as a result of having too little money, or too much of it.

In the first case, you are striving to improve your self-worth and thereby attract a better income.

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