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If you are a Cancer you are strongly influenced by the moon. Your rational self and emotions are often playing tug-of-war not simply within your safe shell but also with those in your inner Circle.

Cancer's 12222 Horoscope Is Looking Way Better Than What 2018 Turned Out To Be

Eventually you have to find a way to rein in at least some of those intense feelings. Also, surrounding yourself with supportive people helps. That said, one of the strong personality traits of those born under the sign of Cancer is that they face challenges without flinching. This Star Sign wants to act, particularly when his or her intuitive senses ring with warnings or directions. Many people born under the sign of Cancer look a bit like a crab with roundish bodies, small noses and predominant eyes.

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Height remains relatively average. Health wise Cancerians are prone to weight gain especially stress fat. You hold everything in, and it wants to STAY. The Greeks feel it represents the crab that came out when Heracles fought the Hydra. Apparently sent by Hera to bite Heracles and undermine his victory, Heracles crushed it neatly underfoot. An interesting bit of Astronomical trivia: the 2nd brightest star in cancer bears a name in Babylonian that means Southeast star in the crab.

Why is this interesting, because it has the rather prestigious honor of the star with the longest name in any language: Arkushanangarushashutu. When it comes to home Cancer sometimes feels it was born the wrong animal. You love to nest and fuss on the home front. In fact, you have very high expectations of what this space should be like the would-haves, could-haves, should-haves will get you every time.

With all this in mind some of the best relationship matches for the Astrological sign of Cancer include the ever-driven Capricorn , a compassionate but firm Scorpio , and the emotion-driven Piscean. You may also find happiness with another Cancer. Want to know more? Read the full Cancer compatibility profile. While a creature of Earth and Water , it seems like the Cancer Child always has their heads in the clouds.

This is not really lost time, however.

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As the Cancer Child matures that creative woolgathering often turns into something really remarkable. Add a naturally shy demeanor to your dreamer and it may take parents a little initiative to get this child to communicate openly and honestly so you eliminate a lot of guess work. They will wax and wane with a roller coaster of emotions. Give your little crab lots of reassurance to help tame the swell. Read the full Cancer Child astrological profile. Your Cancer Girl has a serene exterior but a whirlwind of emotions inside.

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Keep your cool, mom and dad, especially in teen age yeas this will be a very bumpy ride. Bubbly Mercury starts an extended trip through Scorpio and your fifth house of passion and performance on October 3. You never know who you could inspire—or impress! On October 23, the Sun moves into Scorpio, which further sparks your creativity and inspires you to share. Cancers are excellent performers—and entrepreneurs.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Is it high time to launch that sommelier consulting business or to seek funding for your food truck? Take your show on the road restaurants, museums, corporations and make sure someone is there to hold the iPhone while you go live on IG. The October 27 Scorpio new moon could be the perfect date to schedule a presentation, affording you the opportunity to flaunt your personality and grab the attention of a key decision-maker.

But careful what goes into the public sphere once Mercury turns retrograde from October 31 to November This cycle notoriously disrupts technology, travel, information and communication.

Back up all your most important data. Step back and review your messaging: Is your business or brand communicating effectively? Gather a little focus group yes, that can be a few of your most honest friends to find out what works and what falls by the wayside. Be patient with a business partner. A little unstructured play will do you a world of good. Revisit a favorite hobby—Rollerblades, hayrides, karaoke?

Instigator Uranus is poking the communication planet in the ribs, but you know better than to lash out without thinking. If necessary, call a friend and vent privately. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'. Caroline Calloway's Next Act? Visual Artist. Hot Girl Summer Is Over. Fat Bear Fall Is Here.

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Female Cancer Zodiac Sign Personality Traits and Tendencies

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in depth horoscope for cancer In depth horoscope for cancer
in depth horoscope for cancer In depth horoscope for cancer
in depth horoscope for cancer In depth horoscope for cancer
in depth horoscope for cancer In depth horoscope for cancer
in depth horoscope for cancer In depth horoscope for cancer
in depth horoscope for cancer In depth horoscope for cancer

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