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Soon after the first Jupiter-Neptune square, we have the f avorable Saturn-Neptune trine, which will be another theme for the year. Neptune encourages imagination, dreams, and visions. In this aspect, Saturn grounds those into real form. The Saturn-Neptune trine can bring manifestation power to your intentions. That said, it requires you to do some soul work to clear any negative thoughts, low vibration energies, or fears out of the way.

Your daily horoscope: October 3

It even helps you gain awareness about subconscious limitations about which you may be unaware. This transit perfects again on June 18 and November 8 , and so it will be a prominent theme throughout the year. The eclipses on January 5, July 2 and 16, and December 26 will divide our attention between personal ambition and emotional connections. With the North Node in Cancer, we are all invited to care for others as we nurture ourselves. The North Node is where we offer our collective focus, and in the sign of Cancer, that is the domain of the home, family, ancestral roots, and emotions.

These eclipses could feel extra sensitive as a result. This eclipse series will challenge patriarchal paradigms, especially within religious contexts with the Jupiter-Neptune transits , but patriarchy won't go down without a fight! We could see more upsets in some of these social structures along with a rise in more earth-centered or new age spiritual systems.

Uranus enters Taurus on March 6. It had a brief visit before moving back into Aries in , but now, it's here to stay until We could see economic shifts as a result of this influence, ones that could start to manifest in the summer of and continue in early On February 13, watch your words and actions as a Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries fires us all up.

This influence could suggest sudden outbursts or conflicts. It is not a time during which you want to feel restricted or repressed in any way. So, find healthy outlets for your frustrations, and take a break if you can. Mercury in forward motion helps, not least with getting the ear of powerful folk in your line of work. Your Scorpio planets chime handily with those in Capricorn water and earth respectively ; for you the establishment does not look in especially intimidating mood unlike for certain other signs.

With Jupiter culminating in your cash zone, there may even be a windfall or a spending splurge. Your new Moon October 28 was bang opposite Prometheus the liberator, and the full Moon of the 12th also involves the said planet, plus Mars opposite Prometheus on November 24 promises a mighty spark of attraction or antagonism.

Happy birthday.

Mmmm, very sweet. Venus, goddess of sugar, spice and good company arrives on the 2nd and stays until the 25th. The constraints of Mercury behind the scenes are at odds with the spirit of your ruling planet, Jupiter, now completing its 12 months transit of your noble sign. Jupiter is super strong this month, especially for those of you born after 14 December. Jupiter is in a hurry to sign off projects and get things moving, but if you can wait until the new Moon of the 26th, so much the better. One minor danger with Jupiter is that you take things for granted, as normal rather than just grand!

Hoover up the invitations to get out and present yourself to all and sundry with Sagittarian grandeur without becoming a pantomime horse, obviously. Polish your aura but keep your tone moderate. Along with MRS, Jupiter continues to accentuate the collective; teams, committees, meetings. If you want to assume command, rather than being the voice of truth heckling from the back, the way is open. Work and money may loom like thunderclouds, but just for now, you have to be true to your disobedient, wayward self — you can catch up with the formal stuff after Jupiter has moved on at December 3.

Somewhere in the valley below a solitary church bell is tolling.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

Is it an augury of doom or welcome? Or has the digital bell in the belfry simply gone haywire during Mercury retrograde? You get a taste of all three scenarios in November. The upcoming rare confluence of planets in your sign lends a feeling of destiny to your birthday season; big events, big decisions. The sort of stuff for which Capricorns were born. Step down from those giddy heights for a moment and deal with three weeks of Mercury retrograde in misty Scorpio, a sign that emphasises your group involvements; workmates, collectives, committees, gatherings of every stripe.

Best expect an element of heel-dragging amongst your compadres therefore. The brakes come off at the 21st when Mercury moves forwards and Mars takes over to lead your team to glory. At the other end of the Scorpio action remains Prometheus in Taurus, signalling excitement in your more personal life. The Taurus full Moon of November 12th is a time to be out and about for singletons.

As ever at this time of year, there is planetary action behind the scenes in Sagittarius, with a new Moon there on November Cut yourself some slack in the run-up to Christmas. After a month of congenial earthy Virgo, the sharper spurs of Libra are kicking in. The new Moon in the Scales on September 28, and the arrival of warrior Mars on October 4 are signals to a move on, especially since a retrograde of Mercury looms in November.

You have, of course, Saturn and Pluto in your sign also urging you onwards to world domination, or at least financial and spiritual survival. As for Pluto, worry about it when and if he comes calling. Tough decisions may be called for, though time-frame is over the next few months rather than weeks.

The solution, of course, is to find a just balance between the two. Patience and persistence — Aquarian virtues — help. So too should planets in fiery Sagittarius, signalling strong support from your team and your fellow travellers. Venus and Jupiter both favour a charm offensive among your network.


Office romance anyone? The 5th and 6th put you favourably in the limelight. Things get more decisive and exciting with the season of Sagittarius, starting on the 23rd and quickly accelerating into a mixture of challenge and good fortune. No harm in asking others for favours. The Taurus full Moon of the 12th shines light on your domestic arrangements, and here too, a radical rather than routine solution may present itself. The need for respite from the fray remains under emphasis, thanks to your traditional ruler, Saturn, staying behind the scenes.

Contrary to some descriptions of your sign as that of fanciful dreamers, Pisceans are just as capable of practical, effective action as any other sign. Just as well, since you are likely to face a few awkward questions in November; financial issues, promises you made in October that are called in.

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The Scorpio new Moon of October 28 nonetheless promises a fruitful month, with your outreach to foreign shores and distant friends enhanced. Those of you in education and charity work are likewise favoured. Show business is another option. Charm, and your Piscean ability to navigate choppy waters with canny ease, work wonders. Preemptive action is better than waiting for something to happen. Although your idealistic fantasies of travel or education may seem out of reach, acting on your dreams could be well worth your effort.

Luckily, the Pisces Solar Eclipse rains drops of inspiration in your 9th House of Big Ideas, watering visions of personal growth. Meanwhile, an electrifying Mars-Uranus conjunction provokes shocking comments when you can no longer keep your opinions to yourself. You might try to avoid conflict, yet the cosmos pushes you to make a radical move that can ultimately improve your life.

Do it right away; sometimes later becomes never. Decisions can be critical to your financial stability for many months.

The Pisces Solar Eclipse in your 8th House of Investments leads to unexpected changes related to community property or a business partnership. Meanwhile, a reckless Mars-Uranus conjunction catalyzes unexpressed emotions. Don't ignore your sudden impulses; instead, do whatever it takes to move the stuck energy without jeopardizing your future.

Manly P. Hall wrote, "Moderation is the secret to survival. Circumstances mired down by the weight of their history can add to your frustration, tempting you to break free from the restrictions of the past. Although the Pisces Solar Eclipse rattles your 7th House of Partnerships, you won't necessarily have to end a relationship in order to stand up to someone else's control.

Nevertheless, it is an option of last resort. Unfortunately, knee-jerk reactions to long-standing problems might not lead to satisfactory solution.


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Slow down but don't give up. An unexpected change in relationship dynamics can impact your life in surprising ways. The Pisces New Moon Eclipse shakes up the energy of your 6th House of Daily Routine, indicating that an overdue lifestyle overhaul may be in order.

Outdated habits that keep you plugging along in a comfortable rut are brought into the spotlight, illuminating the need for healthy alternatives. A sudden twist of fate may be a real blessing in disguise.

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