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Try to really listen to yourself on an intuitive level. You'll probably find out that you have the answers already It's amazing what you have allowed yourself to put up with for quite some time now, dear! For example, if there is one thing that you can't stand at the moment, it's people who think they know everything about everything!

Today, you may dare to go head-to-head with one of them. The challenges of the last few months have given you tremendous self-confidence Life: Avoid being too irritable at the start of this week! Love: Wednesday is a lucky day for you, as Venus in your sign has brought with it a whole load of romance and intimacy. A chance encounter at the weekend could lead to something more, so let your guard down and open yourself up to the thought of love.

Trump administration expected to announce exit from 'Open Skies' treaty. Parents get 1 month in prison in college admission scam. The last woolly mammoth died 4, years ago on an island in the Arctic. For the first time, US billionaires paid a lower tax rate than the working class last year. His Victims Were Vulnerable and Overlooked. Was starting Verlander on short rest the right call?

School-on-wheels bringing education to doorsteps. A photographer told a group of teens to stop using the n-word.

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Then shots rang out. Alec Baldwin falls for classic New York City scam. Report: Russian operative said 'we made America great' after Trump's win. When to book flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Three takeaways from Rays' Game 4 victory. Trump, Newsom fight over Calif.

No, Betsy DeVos is not going to jail. Melania Trump breaks ground on tennis pavilion. Drake fires back at father's claims that he lied to 'sell records'.

Today's Scorpio Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

Nobel Prize goes to 3 who tackled cosmic query. Clinton responds to Trump urging her to run again. Goodyear listed its iconic blimp on Airbnb.

Scorpio January 21-January 27 2019: They know They've made mistakes! Big mistakes!

Montgomery elects its first African-American mayor. Louisiana becomes new hub in immigrant detention under Trump. Rays beat Astros to force decisive Game 5. Meet the woman who had a singleton, twins and then triplets.

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See Meghan Markle react to trying on flower crown filters. China demands US lift tech curbs, will 'safeguard' interests. America's next major food destination is not where you think. Motorhome of the future drives as you relax, eat, and sleep. White House declares war on impeachment inquiry. Britney Spears alters her workout routine — and shows the results. The biggest mistake you can make when buying vanilla. Vietnam vet escapes house fire thanks to rescue dog waking him. College admissions scandal judge takes on privilege with her sentences.

Police capture 2nd of 3 suspects wanted in killing of witness in Amber Guyger trial. Prepare to read a special report below. The zodiac sign for January 20 is Aquarius. Astrological symbol: Water Bearer. This is the symbol of the Aquarius zodiac for people born January 20 - February It suggests freshness, rejuvenation, progress and responsibility. The Aquarius Constellation is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac, with the brightest star being alpha Aquarii. Opposite sign: Leo. This sign as the opposite or complementary of Aquarius reveals friendliness and entertainment and shows how these two sun signs have similar goals in life but they reach to them differently.

Modality: Fixed. The modality exposes the faithful nature of those born on January 20 and their expansion and impatience in regard to most existential aspects. Ruling house: The eleventh house.

January 14 – January 20, 12222

This house symbolizes dreams, higher goals and friendship and reveals why these have always played an important part in the lives of Aquarians. Ruling body: Uranus. This combination suggests evaluation and enlightenment. The Uranus name comes from the owner of the skies in Greek mythology.

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  7. Uranus is also representative for the diligence of these natives' existences. Element: Air. This element makes things heat up in association with fire, evaporates water and feels suffocated in combination with earth. Air signs born on January 20 are versatile and creative intellectuals.

    Lucky day: Tuesday. This planning day for those born under Aquarius is ruled by Mars thus symbolizes impulse and fervor. People born on January 20 have a great interest in higher concepts and are both autonomous and very amicable. Just like a true Aquarius, they are eager social beings who turn into real investigators when they are inquisitive about something, be it a thing or a person.

    They appreciate good conversations and ingenious challenges. They dislike ordinary and having to deal with stupid people. Those born under this sign enjoy settings where they can experience new things. Positive traits: These Aquarius natives have pleasing personalities and are both conscientious and honorable. Eager and broad minded they often surprise those close to them with their potent insight on life matters. They are appreciated and respected in their circle of mates and try to instill the same behavior in most of their life relations.

    Negative traits: One of the things Aquarius needs to learn is to stop acting like they know it all because it not only drives people away but they tend to become very arrogant and self sufficient.

    scorpio horoscope january 20 Scorpio horoscope january 20
    scorpio horoscope january 20 Scorpio horoscope january 20
    scorpio horoscope january 20 Scorpio horoscope january 20
    scorpio horoscope january 20 Scorpio horoscope january 20
    scorpio horoscope january 20 Scorpio horoscope january 20

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