Capricorn season horoscope

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The sun connects with Saturn on May 11 and then with Pluto on May 13, inspiring a surge of strength and power within yourself.

This is a wonderful opportunity to tackle things that would normally intimidate you. A productive and flirtatious energy flows as Venus connects with Mars on May This is also a lovely time to spruce up your home, run errands, and get things in order! Venus enters Taurus, Mercury connects with Neptune, and Mars enters Cancer, all on May 15, bringing a big energy shift mid-month.

Venus in Taurus brings blessings to your love life—it's a wonderful time to meet people, go on dates, and generally feel cute. Mercury's connection with Neptune inspires empathetic communication, and Mars in your opposite sign Cancer will energize all of your relationships. However, defensive Mars in Cancer can be competitive, so watch out for some arguments over the next few weeks, Capricorn! Mercury connects with your ruling planet Saturn on May 16, helping you get focused and sort out plans and commitments.

Full moons are emotionally intense periods, and the one in Scorpio on May 18 is no exception—but it's likely to bring revealing breakthroughs that will inspire you, Capricorn. This full moon is major for your social life, and you may be releasing yourself from a friend group or community that you belonged to.

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Drama is in the air and secrets are coming to light. During this full moon, communication planet Mercury connects with Pluto, which is perfect for detective work—but you won't have to dig too deep to find what you need, as the light of the full moon reveals all. This is a potent time to talk about deep emotions and secrets.

Also during this full moon, Venus meets with Uranus, bringing unexpected surprises to your love life and creative endeavors. Gemini season begins on May 21! Is this friendship over or should I just wait. Well, according to this situation, you are suggested to wait if you still cherish him. Maybe you can find some other ways to find him. May I know my future the last four months of ?

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I was born in April May I know my future the last three months of Can I get the new job? Hi, Christine, you are born with Chinese zodiac Snake sign. Based on the prediction, the situation won't be that good. Thus you are suggested to find more chances in the early This is a slow and steady energy that, after the rambunctious Sagittarius season, will be welcoming in its more mellow, grounded energy.

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We saw situations crash and burn that we never expected. But we also saw the chance for great healing. We were able to take the time to process, to recognize lessons, and to make the choice to stop living stuck in the ruts of our own choices. Sagittarius wanted us to wake up, to look at the bigger picture, to choose the higher path, and to make choices that would foster our growth and not our suffering.